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Concierge Counseling Services was established by Jennifer McCurrach, in 2009. She made a positive impact on the lives of pastors, churches, and many others through counseling. Maritza Garcia began an internship with Concierge in 2015, counseling under supervision and learning every aspect of the practice. Prior to the pandemic, Jennifer and Maritza decided to transition ownership of the practice to Maritza Garcia. At that point, Maritza filed registration of the practice as Concierge eCare LLC dba Concierge Counseling Services and since the client base was growing beyond the management capacity of one person, contracted with other licensed mental health professionals of like faith and passion. The practice now serves pastors, congregants, and the communities they serve, both faith-based and non faith-based, all over the nation.

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Concierge Counseling Services is dedicated to the education and mental health support of pastors, congregants, and the communities they serve.


Our vision is to provide a variety of options in compassionate counseling services that empower all individuals, couples, and families to overcome life's challenges. We envision the facilitation of healing, growth, and transformation in every client, both faith-based and non faith-based.  We especially aspire to build a bridge between the Church and an ever-changing generation & society. We are inspired to serve a community of individuals, whom we can equip with the tools & support needed to live fulfilling and purposeful lives. We strive to create a safe and welcoming virtual counseling experience, where all clients can explore their deepest concerns, while finding hope, restoration, and renewal.

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