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What pastor would not want the safety and confidence of having a trusted Apostolic voice when referring parishioners to licensed, professional counseling? Through the years, I have experienced being overwhelmed by the mental health challenges people face in the local church, and honestly, I am underqualified to handle some of them. Plaguing questions such as, who is qualified to counsel them? Will they support Apostolic doctrine and biblical lifestyle while counseling? Can I trust them with those I love? Are they spiritually minded? Will they advise according to the authority of the Bible? Concierge Counseling has been and continues to be the answer to these questions. Every pastor needs a trusted, go-to counseling center that is biblically based, spiritually minded, professional, and highly qualified. Concierge Counseling is a proven and trustworthy voice that has helped me in my pastoral ministry, and I highly recommend them.

Carl McLaughlin, EdD           

President | Professor of Theology & Christian Leadership

North Texas Christian College

(702) 900-6822 (NTCC)

Euless, TX

Just wanted to say how grateful we are for the work of Concierge Counseling Services. They have truly blessed us, helping us to navigate very difficult times. This team has helped us not only to identify problem areas in our own thinking, but how to work on bettering ourselves through prayer and fasting. Mental health is more serious than many want to admit in the Church. The belief that mental health goes away in an instant when we are converted is not realistic; God can do it, but we cannot do it alone. We need Holy Ghost-filled counselors to help us with the mental health issues in our churches. Thank you Concierge!

Pastor Thomas Hernandez


It is with great delight that I can write a referral letter for Concierge Counseling Service. During
my Pastoring for over fifty years, I have learned that Pastors who minister within the limits of
their competency can use the skills of referral and collaboration when parishioners are in
emotional crisis. A Christ-centered mental health professional can help stabilize and strengthen
the mental and emotional foundation of church members so pastors can focus on the spiritual
foundation, which is Christ. I have found that Maritza Garcia not only provides a professional
therapeutic witness and service, but she speaks and understands the tenet of our Apostolic
culture and Concierge respects that and is true to that. When I have entrusted Sis Garcia with a
referral, never has she crossed the line between counseling and pastoring, but rather exceeded
our expectations of strength, encouragement, and support. As a presiding Bishop in our ALJC
Texas District, Concierge, and Maritza Garcia are included in our ministerial referral services
throughout the State of Texas. Thank You Concierge and Sis Garcia, for a job well done.

Gary D Weems, Pastor/Bishop 

The Rock Church of Terrell


As a Pastor, I feel confident with leading our saints spiritually. However, there are times when some of the members of our congregation have had emotional needs that have required professional counseling. These are precious people that the Lord has entrusted to our care and selecting qualified, seasoned counselors can be a difficult endeavor. Thankfully, there is the Concierge Counseling Services! I have entrusted people to their care and have seen tremendous results! Whenever I have a need for qualified Apostolic, Holy Spirit-directed counseling, these are the people that I trust, and I highly recommend them!

Pastor Michael Schmelzer

Winona Pentecostal Church

Winona, Minnesota


Thanks again to the great team at Concierge Counseling Services. I continue to receive encouraging testimonies from those individuals that I send your way. It is such a blessing to know that you folks are an Apostolic resource for those in our church family that see the value of counseling during times of crisis. I have walked with families through trauma. Looking back, I can see the difference when your team is a part of the process. Thanks for all you do and the many folks you are serving. You really are making a positive difference daily.

Pastor Harold Linder

Heavenview UPC

Winston Salem, NC

As a young pastor, who has only been pastoring 10 years, I often find myself  trying to help people in challenging situations and circumstances. Anytime someone comes to me for guidance, or "counseling," the very first thing I tell them is "I am not a licensed professional counselor." I depend upon the principles of God's Word to give guidance, to help navigate life's challenging circumstances. I have noticed in those ten short years of pastoring, that there have been times when it seems I am hitting a brick wall in trying to help the individual/s. Early on, I didn't know where to send people to get the professional help they needed. Then, I came across a couple of Apostolic Christian counselors, and it was like a breath of fresh air. The individuals whom I recommended to these counselors, received the help they needed. In one case, it saved the person's life! I am thankful for Concierge Counseling Services and the professional help they give. I can be confident when I recommend their services that the client will be treated with the upmost love, care, respect, and will be guided according to scriptural principles. I would encourage my pastor friends to have Concierge Counseling Services come along side you and help those in your congregation that need this kind of help. I believe pastors and Concierge Counseling Services, working side by side ,will create a culture of mental, emotional, and spiritual health in our congregations ,so that we can more adequately propagate the King and His Kingdom in the earth.

Pastor Bryant Kitchell

Life Tabernacle - Gilmer, Texas

I recommend the high-caliber counseling services provided by Concierge Counseling. They are empathetic and kind, and trained on a high, professional level. You can trust that if you invest the time in counseling services, you will notice a return. They will provide practical and spiritual input into your journey to mental health and wholeness. Schedule your first session today!
Paul Records
Pastor, Victory Chapel
Founder, The Full Proof Man
San Marcos, TX

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