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Dawn Shindoll MA, MS LCDC, CCTSI

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Pastoral Counselor

Specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy, Clinical Trauma, Substance Abuse, & Pastoral Care.

Biography of Dawn Shindoll

Dawn has a master's degree in human services with a specialization in marriage and family counseling from Liberty University (2010) and a master's degree in psychology focusing on health psychology from Grand Canyon University (2021). She is a licensed chemical dependency counselor, pastoral counselor and is a certified clinical trauma specialist for individuals. She has been involved in spiritual and pastoral counseling for over seventeen years and believes in utilizing an integrative therapeutic approach to enhance an individual's growth as a Christian. 

She has worked in the human service field in numerous positions for approximately twenty-eight years. From her work with abused, abandoned, and neglected children to counseling those who are homeless and addicted to substances, she has seen that with the right atmosphere and God's power that lives can be changed. 

Dawn currently serves as the department chair of psychology, sociology, and mental health at a community college in the DFW metroplex. She has been a faculty member at the college for the last twelve years where she has had the privilege of instructing countless students as they begin their journey to becoming a counselor. She is also an adjunct professor at one of our UPCI Bible colleges.

She recently served as president of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (Fort Worth). She was a board member for over four years and made it her mission to cultivate and encourage networking opportunities for both students and business development leaders. Through her community involvement, Dawn has been able to develop connections with treatment facilities and resources nationwide to be used as referral sources. Dawn also works closely with her husband, who has been pastoring for over seventeen years. They both strive to be encouragers and advocates for those who seek to grow both spiritually and emotionally.

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