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A Message from Santa

Kids are so complicated while they're developing into stable adults. Maybe "semi-stable" would be more accurate considering the lack of maturity and development seen in so many of us and our peers. Oh and don't count yourself out of that last category - narcissism and denial peek around many a corner.

The point is, we quickly forget that we were once just kids and our family members have great tales which describe our various unruly escapades or other experiences. Most children don't have the emotional balance and logical acuity that it takes to choose the road of least resistance when it matters the most.

You and I will only schedule their impending failure on a sure calendar of our unrealistic expectations anytime that we stop recognizing their "childish" behavior as exactly that, and start labeling them bad, naughty, ungrateful, unlearned, non-listening, etc.

Let US take inventory of the vocabulary with which we describe the behavioral habits in our children and restock the shelves of our parenting habits with understanding, awareness, and patience.

Thank you for reading and watching!

The Editor

Ramzi Elassadi

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