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All Alone

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

"Loneliness is only an opportunity to cut adrift and find yourself . In solitude you are least alone."

In a world of followers, it's sometimes hard to be a leader or even just speak up about something you are passionate about.

No matter if you have moved away, people abandoned you, or you drifted and cut-ties with people, we have all experienced some sort of loneliness.

Finding the Silver Lining

Is there anything good about being alone? I know its hard to see, but there is!

Most people view being alone as isolation. What if we turn around that mindset and not think of loneliness as something you have to hide from, but take as an opportunity. You don't have to hide away, there is a whole new identity and beautiful world waiting for you.

When you're alone, it's the best opportunity to grow and take time to reflect on your achievements and plan your goals. It's the best time to be alone with yourself. You don't have anyone to try and please or own up to when your alone. It's the best time to reset. The best time to find what you are good at, your passion.

What do I do?

How do I overcome loneliness?

1: Identify how you feel. Validate your feelings. You have a lot of time to reflect and to consider how you want your new social construct to look like.

2: Avoid total isolation. Like stated earlier, isolation and loneliness are two separate things. Make sure you are not slipping into isolation. There are people that love you and care for you, but most importantly, there is a Heavenly Father that has His arms open wide for you.

3: Help someone in need. In this time of loneliness, it's so important that it doesn't impact how you treat people. Giving to your local donation center or giving to your favorite charity can help you feel like you are making an impact in the world of so many people even when you feel all alone in it.

4: Finally, seek help. Concierge Counseling is here for you! Call us at 214-494-0971 or go to our website at .

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