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Are YOU Addicted to Tech?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Are there still Michael Angelos, Albert Einsteins, Ghandis, Martin Luther Kings, Other Prolific Speakers, Daring Artists and Legendary Musicians, Unprecedented Minds of Mathematicians and Scientists?... Well sure there are.

What is different about this day and age is that we have the prolific tech, daring and legendary feats of technological advancement from medical to communication and even to war! Unprecedented progress has been made in entertainment and resource management worldwide! The advent of the internet was probably the LARGEST and most significant scientific step we've taken as humans in thousands of years. In the video below, you will see another side to it all,

You would be inclined to say that every victory and forward movement in science and technology only makes us stronger and stronger as the human race... but you'd be wrong. How did we get this far? The hundreds of great names and amazing minds of the 19th, and 20th, and even 21st centuries who invented, discovered, and majorly influenced the direction humanity would follow in years to come, never saw the danger of "advancement."

As a platoon or battalion moves forward in the battlefield, if they finally come over a hill or a ridge where the enemy is visible - it's too late. This is why there are scouts and other proven processes of "advancement" that keep everyone safe. In our technological pursuits and achievements, it has not been so. We're so far as seeking how to create AI. Groups of scientists are constantly study, experimenting, and inventing in the ongoing practices of empirical science to determine how they might succeed in this great conquest to create artificial intelligence so advanced that it could calculate and make its own decisions.

With this advancement mentality in mind we created the internet - which serves many AMAZING purposes from blogs to charities to communication, keeping families and friends connected, and much more. However, I challenge us all today, to be very careful. Enjoy this short video and please review the article below.

So it seems like we accomplish and fulfill some noteworthy communication, education, and business needs by having the internet. We are leaps and bounds beyond where we were in the 90's. But just as it is with every great idea or invention, there are some pros and cons to consider. For starters, according to several medical journals and mental health professionals, the internet, and other technology and media can easily become addictive.

Our greatness as humans is not dependent upon the internet, so neither should our day to day lives be. We can do greater things by breaking away from the gifts that man gives us, and indulging in the gifts that God gave us. Our mental health depends on it.

Enjoy this short article about how technology can impair your health and why you and I should be careful with how much we take in. Let's be better stewards of our mind, body, and talents.

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