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Be Present

Sometimes I find myself sinking into a shallow thought about finances or job responsibilities or building my business. Then my wife taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hey! Your daughter is about to blow out the candles! Pay attention!"

The difficult thing about investing in the "great" things in life that bring us financial security and wealth can be the compromise of time with your spouse and investment in your kids, or other close friends and family members. We become so bent on bringing in more "bread" that we start forgetting about who the bread is feeding. It doesn't just have to be a demanding job, it could also be distant family issues, our own struggles with depression or stress, something that we're passionate about.

"Well, you don't understand! I need to find answers for my situation, and quick!" But why? Your family is here with you, be with them for this special moment. You will miss out on your whole life while it passes you by if the only things you are concerned with are "success" and "legacy." Forget about your success and be concerned with your son, daughter, or spouse's success. The success of feeling loved and cherished.

Watch this encouraging video about being present and giving all your attention to the moment you're in with the people in that moment with you.

It may not be winter, but that sure does help to bring your focus to this great video! Be self-aware, be loving, be kind, be focused, be a good spouse, a goof friend, and a good parent - be present.

Thank you for watching and reading!

The Editor

Ramzi Elassadi

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