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Crisis Averted

Crisis can come in many different forms:

  • Financial crisis

  • Natural crisis

  • Confrontational crisis

  • Personal crisis

  • Emotional crisis

Today, we will be discussing how to combat crisis and how to cope.

First things first, let's prioritize things that NEED to be done, and things that can wait. Doing this

after grief, loss, and trauma will give your mind a release to focus on yourself and the sorting of memories.

Next, preserving our memories. Not forgetting, but carrying your loss with you just like Nora Mclnerny said in this months video.

Finally, find your ground. Don't isolate yourself. Gather yourself around with like minded friends who will support you and lift your hands up when you don't claim yourself as a victor.

Let's see what Nora Mclnerny says about her "big year", and how she is coping with her losses.

In conclusion, crisis and loss are hard things, but you can combat those thoughts and carry with you the loss and trials instead of leave them behind. Don't forget the memories, instead, learn from them and let them give you strength.

For more help with grief, contact us at 214-494-0971 or visit our website at:

Thank you for reading and watching!

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