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Critical Race Theory

You've most likely heard of it - CRT, not to be confused with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). You might even fully understand what Critical Race Theory is, and maybe you have determined what you believe about it as well... Even still, I encourage you to read the rest of this article and hopefully gain a stronger understanding of CRT and the effect it has on you and your community

According to CRT, with or without our knowledge, we make decisions based in our prejudice against other races around us, near subconsciously. This theory would submit that our country, economy, institutions, and communities present many forms of systemic racism, but also that all individuals represent intrinsic racism within the fiber of their very being.

Watch this 5 minute video to help with understanding what Critical Race Theory truly is.

When we talk about race, we use terms such as black, brown, and white, but in this generation, we need to ask this question from the broader, more relevant social position... Are there any aspects of American culture among Latin-Americans, French Canadian-Americans, African-Americans, Native-Americans, European-Americans, or any other native/migrant representative here within our borders, that definitively affirm the premise of Critical Race Theory? Are we asking the right questions? Or are we missing the point? Are we defining culture as race?

Before we move on with this discussion, listen to the concerns of this member of Parents Against CRT, Shawntel Cooper, regarding this theory being discussed within our education systems.

Essentially, all human beings are different in many ways. Culture is one of those differences. Race by definition is NOT culture. We can embrace one another and appreciate those differences, but our cultures will still be different. When we begin to confuse cultural preference with racial prejudice, theories like CRT arise out of philosophical, theoretical deliberation among academic and political groups.

The "experiments and studies" performed to accumulate any support to these theories, are based on the random decisions of individuals (as described in the first video), businesses, government authorities, etc. For instance: one such study was based on low-income/project housing not being zoned into more affluent or wealthy neighborhoods. Think about the presupposition here - Low Income Housing in wealthy neighborhoods... they don't need low income housing... because they're wealthy... The alleged conclusion was that these neighborhoods were only for the "white" American. This allegation against the city's zoning authority was based on the fact that 75% of the population in said neighborhood, was Caucasian-American of some sort... This obviously does not provide any evidence to support the Critical Race Theory. There is ZERO race-on-race violence, prejudice, preference, or slander present within this example.

This kind of theorizing is presumptuous, assumptive, and accusatory. Being presumptuous and accusatory is arrogant and selfish. And I don't think I have to tell you what happens when we assume. If we are looking for Unity, Liberty, and a Balanced Equilibrium of Community and Brotherhood, then any negative philosophies that drudge up doubts and disunity against the health of humanity which cannot be substantiated with a body of unwavering evidence, should be completely disregarded. We should not tolerate these teachings and they should be banned from any publication or propagation among all circles, political, academic, or otherwise.

Why?... I'll tell you why.

When we indulge theories like CRT, we fall prey to something called Cognitive Distortion. This is one of the first and foremost mental cycles which could lead to dark depression, deeply-rooted anger issues, OCD, and even self-harm & suicide attempts.

Watch the video below to help guard yourself against cognitive distortions.

In the Bible, Gospel of John, the 15th chapter, Jesus describes the good vine or healthy vine bearing good fruit. It is clear to see that the characteristics, or fruit if you will, of this Critical Race Theory are simply not good fruits, therefore this theory cannot possibly stem from a healthy vine. And if the analogous implication be that of the health and wealth of the whole by pruning away anything that would harm the flourishing plant life, then let our community, and even our world, be a place where we destroy certain thoughts and cast down certain imaginations.

Many prophets, counselors, and teachers of the Bible, and other world religions have rebuked leaders and peoples for philosophizing too much. We have to be careful to stick to solid facts, founded morals, and family values, to guide our minds, and ultimately our communities, to a better tomorrow, every day.

Thank you for reading... and watching!

Ramzi Elassadi

The Editor




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