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From Hurting to Helping

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Keith Castleberry

In an effort to help people understand and cope with grief, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlined five common stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages are widely known and offer hope to those who are grieving.

Regrettably, a significant portion of those grappling with the heavy burden of grief remain unaware of one crucial stage that lies beyond the framework. This stage doesn't appear on the charts, isn't outlined in books, and often goes unspoken. However, to truly conclude the process of grieving, one must look past hope and venture into a stage that imparts purpose to our afflictions – that stage is ministry.

God, did not design suffering for the sake of suffering. Rather, it is through our suffering that we are tasked with the profound duty of transforming it into ministry. It is in the times of hardship that knowledge turns into profound understanding, and it is this new understanding that strengthens us when navigating through the grieving process. We can encourage, help, and minister through our hurt. Experience can encourage!

Let's watch this video and think about how we can make a difference in others through our testimony:

In conclusion, if we aspire to reach hope, we must take it one step further by engaging in ministry for those in need. Document your personal struggle, and be ready to extend a helping hand to those traveling the same path you once walked. Demonstrate to them that, just as God helped and strengthened you through grieving, they too can find their way to hope, serenity, and ministry.

If you want to truly extend a helping hand through your hurting and grieving, we are here to come alongside you and help! Contact us at: 214-494-0971 or visit our website:

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