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It's that time again

Thanksgiving is only about a week away and it seems like we're still in a fog over economic status of our country; pandemic panic amongst various groups; the honest intentions of our president and where his decisions will take America, not to mention the social unrest and more.

Can we learn to be thankful regardless of the difficulties? Is there anything to be thankful for? If you need a few things to be thankful for, go back and read our Thanksgiving Blog post from last year. Before you do that, watch this video of Melissa who shares her Thanksgiving Experience in the midst of a pandemic and hard times. She gives perspective to what we can be thankful for.

Remember, family members are going to be nosy, loving, critical, closed-off, uncomfortably open, and sometimes just warm and memorable. You have to expect those kinds of personalities and awkward conversations to land right in the middle of your holiday experience.

I'll tell you my first thing I'm thankful for...

Thank YOU for reading and being a part of our reading community,

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Editor

Ramzi Elassadi

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