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Marijuana's Dark Side - Dr. Raymond Wiggins

Marijuana is dangerous to physical health, mental health, and spiritual well-being. In this interview, Dr. Raymond Wiggins outlines these and other pitfalls of marijuana use.

After watching this video by Dr. Raymond Wiggins, we can clearly see the devastating long-term effects of marijuana use. As marijuana has advanced and become more dangerous, so should we in our attempts for sobriety and saving lives, as young as 13 years old. We can conclude that just because this drug is legalized doesn't mean it is non-addictive or safe. It can lead to an 8-point drop in IQ, memory loss, a 41% increase in the chance of stroke, and it has a 30-46% addiction rate for those from 12 to elder.

If you want to start your journey to freedom and want to fight back against this horrible drug that affects both mind and body, call us TODAY at 214-494-0971 or visit our website:

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