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STAY ORGANIZED - Fighting Depression & Laziness

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

It is not easy! However, staying organized helps you be productive and productivity battles depression and laziness! says, "Gaining a sense of accomplishment, and feeling proud of the work you’ve done, helps people feel like they’re progressing in their work. An accomplishment feels like making a positive step forward for yourself"

I feel like our home is clean and perfect for about 30 minutes per day. By the next day, laundry is gathering, dishes are in the sink, and shoes and kids toys are out of place!

This can be depressing, and at times, causes my wife and I some anxiety and frustration. This is NOT a productive environment to get much done!

So, we have some systems in place to make SURE that things cannot get much worse than what I described above. Because as you can imagine, if we allowed 2 weeks without any effort to clean and/or organize, then you would hardly see the floor.

Here is an incredible video that will help you be more organized and productive! Enjoy!

Good luck with your endeavors to bring more organization and systems to your life! Have a blessed week!

Thank you for reading and watching!

The Editor

Ramzi Elassadi





Both references can be found in the colored links in the text above the video

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