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What Other People Think

Here is the truth. We cannot allow what others think about us to affect the way we perform in life or what we chase in life. Just go for it! You are better than someone else's expectations or limitations that they might project upon you! Also, remember that what is true and what YOU think is 99% or 100% true... are two different things.


Because most of the time, what we perceive about others' thoughts is inaccurate. When we are perceiving, it is common that we are deceiving ourselves to believe something untrue.

For instance: a co-worker or family member, makes a face about something we say publicly as a joke... Now what...

Now we play detective... "they're always looking like that at me" They must've not liked that I said that joke because they think that I am a glutton for attention, therefore, I must be a glutton for attention, thus I am childish and immature and that is why it's hard for me to make good friends...

Wow... how quickly did that go downhill. Now... Let's go ask this person why they made a face and understand why they seem to have disapproving faces regularly... and maybe they will say... "I just find some of your jokes and comments a little offensive and it hurt my feelings a little bit, but everyone else seems to respond well to your jokes, so that makes me a little jealous of you..."


Maybe they will say that they just don't care for you and your attitude so much... ok.

Either way, what we thought was inaccurate.

Interesting how quickly we descend into self-doubt and self-deprecation. Most of the time the connection between what someone truly thinks and what we think they thought are very far off, and in the minimal cases that we are correct about the notion, we then take it much further than necessary to criticize ourselves to an unreasonable extent.

Watch this video by Jordan Peterson as he helps to center our conscious efforts to move forward towards success, regardless of what others think!

Thanks for reading and watching! Have a great Easter Weekend!

Talk soon,

The Editor

Ramzi Elassadi

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