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You're Disliked

In life, we regularly come across those who don't like us. No particular reason or circumstance, they just don't. On the other hand, we can think of others we do not fancy or enjoy being around. That being said, we will always have people that don't like us, and that's okay!

What's not okay is when we live in a fantasy world of wonder where everyone loves us and always appreciates our efforts. When we see others passing us and advancing higher than us, we can feel intimidated. But, if we just focus on what we are doing and the amazing things we are achieving, the feeling of jealousy reduces dramatically.

When reaching goals, there will always be someone more advanced in that same skill. It's so important to learn from others and take inspiration instead of envying them.

Margaret Thatcher knew that if she wanted to be liked by everyone, she would have to compromise.

To compromise is not worth it to gain one more friend. You will lose a part of yourself to gain a part of another that will eventually tear you down and leave you empty.

  • Remember that to be disliked is okay, and it means you are not compromising.

  • There will always be people that dislike you and that's okay.

  • Stay focused on your goals and reaching them instead of getting jealous over others who are advancing faster than you.

If you need more help in this area, don't hesistate to go to our home screen of our website and book a session with one of our amazing counselors!

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