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Toni Castillo, MA, LPC

Specializing in eating disorders, children, special education, & grief.

Biography of Toni Castillo

Toni Castillo graduated from Urshan College in 2014, earning a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education with an emphasis on youth ministry. After attending Bible College, Toni attended graduate school at Dallas Baptist University, earning a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling in 2017. Shortly after completing her Master's program, she took and passed the state counseling exam to become a licensed counselor intern in the state of Texas. Since becoming licensed in 2017, Toni has completed 3,000 intern hours under state supervision and worked in multiple mental health settings. Toni is currently a fully licensed counselor holding the title of LPC. 


Toni has worked in the hospital setting as a behavioral counselor at both the inpatient and outpatient levels of care. This facility focused solely on treating eating and mood disorders. Toni's primary role at the eating disorder facility was to facilitate psychoeducational group therapy sessions. In group therapy sessions, Toni led discussions on a variety of topics such as body image, anxiety, depression, past trauma, and more. She used various models of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help clients overcome negative self-talk and destructive thoughts. 


Toni has also worked in the school setting with students ranging from ages five to eighteen. Toni also has practicum experience working with college-aged students. In her most recent job, Toni was the primary school counselor at a public charter school. For three years, Toni worked primarily with children ages five to eleven treating a variety of presenting issues such as behavioral concerns, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, academic concerns, divorce, family stressors, peer mediation, and more. Toni also provided case management during the pandemic, helping families connect to financial help resources and food pantries. Toni also has experience working with children in Special Education, specifically those on the autism spectrum. 


Aside from professional endeavors, Toni also leads the Grief Share ministry at her local church. After losing her father, Toni developed a passion for helping others who are also learning about life after loss. Toni's passions and specialties include working with children, teens, and grieving individuals. Toni is passionate about serving you and your family with integrity, professionality, and confidentiality. Above all, she believes that Jesus must remain at the center of each session. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of a professional counselor, Toni is confident that you will find help and hope in your time of need. 

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